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BEFL’s main asset is its people, which is why we fully support our specialists’ desire to develop themselves both on personal and professionall levels. BEFL provides its staff with excellent career prospects and offers specialists an opportunity to eventually become Partners.

We help our people acquire all the skills and knowledge they need. A program of personal development is designed for each professional member of staff, taking into account their career plan, level of proficiency and personal qualities. All employees take part in internal training and, where required, they are provided with opportunities for external training too.

Our personalized assessment procedure is a very important tool for professional and career development. It involves analysis of an employee’s performance over the accounting period so we can gauge performance, understand the individual employee’s vision of their progress in the Company and correlate it with the Company’s plans, in order to develop a plan for the future.

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Selection procedure

Our selection procedure comprises three stages:

  1. Review/consideration of CVs
  2. Interview with HR manager
  3. Interview with professional director or managing director.

Each stage is an elimination stage. The candidates who pass the preceding stage are successfully admitted to the next one. Candidates who succeed at all stages will receive a job offer with defined tasks, performance targets and remuneration.

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