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Winding-up of the Financial Markets Service of the Bank of Russia and changes in the order of issued securities registration for companies registered in the Central Federal District.

March 7, 2014

In accordance with the resolution made by the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia on November 29, 2013, the Financial Markets Service of the Bank of Russia (SBRFR) was wound up on March 3, 2014. The functions previously performed by the SBRFR to regulate, control and supervise the sphere of financial markets have been distributed between the departments of the Bank of Russia since March 3, 2014. See more details can be found on the Bank of Russia official website at:

To the attention of issuers in the Central Federal District. The new rules stipulate that the registration documents for the securities issued by joint-stock companies, registered on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region, should be filed with the regional department of the Bank of Russia for Moscow. Joint-stock companies registered in other areas within the Central Federal District, shall file their documents to the regional department of the Bank of Russia for Orel.

BEFL has been assisting companies in the registration of securities issues and securities issue reports for many years both in the earlier wound-up Regional Department of the FFMS (Federal Financial Markets Service) in the south-western Russia (Orel) and the Interregional Service of the Bank of Russia (formerly the RD FFMS in the Central Federal District). Our offices are located in Moscow and in Orel which enables the most efficient communication with our clients having offices and agencies in Moscow. All you have to do is have the documents delivered to our Moscow office. After the registration we can collect the documents in Moscow and deliver it back to you.

Clients located in or around Orel are always welcome to use the services of our Orel office.

We will prepare the documents for registration, file them with the Bank of Russia in Orel and support the whole process on site. As soon as the registration has been successfully completed, the documents can be collected from BEFL Moscow office as well. Upon clients request, the process can be performed through mail services.

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