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BEFL prepared and published Overview of Russias Largest Agricultural Landholders 2016

April 19, 2016

BEFL has prepared and published its annual overview of Russias Largest Agricultural Landholders, updated for April 2016. The main chart includes 43 companies, 5 of which control over 500k ha of farmland.

The overview presents the latest information on the most known large landholders of agricultural land in Russia. In 2016, the overview has been extended to 6 new companies, changes have been made in the way the land portfolios of some large holdings are presented, and one holding has been excluded. The total amount of the farmland controlled by the participant companies of the chart exceeds 10m ha.

The overview includes companies having over 100k ha of farmland in control (owned, leased or possessed by any other legal right).

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