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BEFL to render services to fruit and grape growers

March 29, 2018

Abreast of the modern trend of extensive fruit, grapes and berries growing, agricultural companies and private investors interested in those prospective sectors of agricultural business come to BEFL with increasing frequency. This year we already have two projects within the framework of which BEFL renders services to companies working in the industry sectors mentioned above.

Today the industry of fruit farming is one of the most successful and high-priority fields of agricultural business in Russia. Over the recent years around one hundred investment projects to develop fruit farming and grapevine growing have been launched and scheduled for completion up to 2025.

Investments in fruit and grapes growing have become popular over the recent two or three years both among horticultural companies and non-core investors (Ariant has a wine holding company with its own grape grower, Stepp Agroholding and AFG National each have a fruit growing enterprise, etc.).

At the start of 2018, BEFL made a research of the grape and wine market in southern regions of Russia for a company working in the Krasnodar krai. Now BEFL is rendering services to a large fruit growing company from the Central Russia. The services include the overview of capital and operating expenses and product sales analysis, the evaluation of the internal expenses control system and recommendations on its improvement, and gardens inventory. Similar services are rendered by BEFL to a company producing crops and vegetables, including irrigated vegetable production.

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