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BEFL publishes Overview of Russias Largest Agricultural Landholders 2019

May 14, 2019

BEFL has published its annual overview with the chart of Russias Largest Agricultural Landholders in May 2019. The overview shows 56 companies. The total farmland portfolio of the overview is 13.5m ha, of which 27 % are controlled by the Top-5.

This year, the total amount of farmland controlled by all the companies in the overview is 13.5m ha, which is 4 % more than the previous year and almost twice as much as 7 years ago

The Top-5 this year is: Miratorg (1m ha), Prodimex (including Agrokultura) (865k ha), Rusagro (650k ha), Agrocomplex (649k ha) and EkoNiva-APK (504k ha). Three companies dropped out of the chart in 2019 due to the reduction of their land portfolios, and there are four new companies this year: Svetliy Group (Rostov region), Komsomolets Breeding Farm (Zabaykalskiy krai), Rubezh Agrofarm (Saratov region), AgsenProperty (Penza region).

The overview 2019 shows an increase of the land portfolio of the chart leaders over 7 years and the analysis of 11 segment ratings for 2017 2018 (based on which year showed the latest information), in order to see to which extent the participants of our chart of largest farmland owners are present in various ratings of agricultural segments. Over a half of the companies in BEFL chart also have positions in one or several segment ratings, such as top chicken, sunflower oil, meat, milk, animal feed producers, etc.

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