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Audit-consultancy Company BEFL announces the launch of the program designed for promoting the Corporate Secretary service

December 15, 2009

On December 15, 2009, the audit-consultancy Company BEFL announced the launch of the program designed for promoting the project Corporate Secretary. With the help of the services rendered within this project companies are able to observe rights and legitimate interests of its participants through precise compliance with corporate procedures required by law.

We believe that Corporate Secretary service is in demand at the market. Moreover, the market urgently needs it. However, we understand that many companies have not realized the necessity of this type of services yet, which makes it more difficult for us since we need to ensure some educational activity for this.

We also hope that our activity in this sector of services rendering will add to development of overall business culture in Russia. This will also assist in strengthening policy against corporate raid announced by our government, says Vladislav Novoselov, Managing Director of BEFL.

We are planning to arrange trainings to assist our Clients in understanding the Corporate Secretary service, including webinars, audit- and video presentations to be posted on our corporate web-site to allow for on-line consultations, says Yaroslav Geraskin, Consulting Director of BEFL.

BEFL has been rendering the Corporate Secretary service for several years with more than 40 companies having used and still using it.

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