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Update of Russias Agricultural Companies 2014 Overveiw

September 22, 2015

BEFL has updated the overview of Russias agricultural companies 2014. New confirmed data has been added following the information provided by some participants of the chart.

Adjustments were made in the financial part by including United Grain Company and amending the figures for RZ Agro, Siberia Agricultural Group and Agro-Belogorye, which shuffled the positions of certain chart participants.

The financial results of RZ Agro underwent the most significant adjustments, because the previous version of the overview showed a share of its net profit belonging to one of the shareholders. The confirmed net profit of RZ Agro for 2014 amounted to 494 million rubles. The company provided consolidated financial data, allowing BEFL to add the number of employees and EBITDA. Additional information was provided by Siberia Agricultural Group and Agro-Belogorye.

Following the adjustments RZ Agro jumped from the 15th to the 22nd place, and the high EBITDA placed it among the three leaders by net margin. Siberia Agricultural Group made it into the Top-10 by net margin, knocked down by AgroHolding Kuban.

All four charts of the overview clearly show that aside from the indisputable leaders by financial results in 2014 Miratorg, Rusagro and Cherkizovo two more companies, Siberia Agricultural Group and AgroHolding Kuban, share the top 10 spots by nearly each criterion.

BEFL reminds that the overview was based on the financial statements of the companies, whose consolidated financial results had become publically available by the time of completing the overview or which provided information upon request. BEFL experts have found it reasonable to include some companies who disclosed their financial results in consolidated accounting reports.

There is no doubt that this overview can hardly encompass all major companies and players of the agricultural business market. The target of this analytic report, however, was not an exhaustive list of large agricultural companies, but rather a clear picture showing the positions of the companies with respect to each other which are ready to publicly disclose information and show the outcome of their successful work in 2014.

Please refer to the second part of the overview to see other leading agricultural producers and traders and major agricultural companies which according to BEFL could have been among the leaders in the financial part of the overview if they had disclosed their financial results.

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