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BEFL published overview of Russias agricultural companies 2014

August 6, 2015

BEFL has completed an analytical survey and summarized the findings in an overview of Russias major agricultural companies in 2014. At the core of the overview are 27 agricultural companies, which account for about 12 % of the agricultural market in monetary terms. By way of reference, the companies are also ranked by physical output.

The overview is based on the financial statements of the companies, whose consolidated financial results had become publically available by the time of completing the overview or which provided information upon request. BEFL experts have found it reasonable to include some companies who disclosed their financial results in consolidated accounting reports.

53 agricultural companies have been selected to represent the leaders in physical output. They are among the Top-10 agricultural producers in one or more branches of the agricultural sector: production of beef, poultry, pork, milk, beet sugar, oil and fat products. While creating the companies profiles, BEFL experts relied on the data provided by professional agricultural organizations and the financial statements of the companies. To make the picture complete, BEFL showed Top-10 landholders from its overview Russias Largest Agricultural Landholders in 2014.

The companies which had not disclosed their financial results for 2014 by the time the survey was completed and did not make it into any of the Top-10 agricultural producers, but according to BEFL still play a key role in the agricultural sector, are grouped in the final part of the overview. Apart from the agricultural producers, this section also covers grain traders, including international traders in Russia.

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