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Analysis of working capital

In the current period of world financial crisis and severe liquidity problems, the effective management of working capital is essential if a company is to optimize its financial structure and attract investment.

Analysis and management of working capital involves:

  • defining the overall requirement for working capital
  • defining the level of investment required
  • creating the optimal structure of investment sources (short-term and long-term)
  • analyzing the influence of working capital on the risks faced by the company, and its overall profitability
  • structuring working capital and optimizing its basic elements
  • analyzing the influence of working capital policy on the increase of the company's value, etc.

We offer the following services in the area of working-capital analysis:

  • managing inventories:
    • analysis of inventories’ structure and dynamics
    • analysis of material flow
    • optimization of inventory remainder
  • managing accounts receivable:
    • analyszing the structure and dynamics of accounts-receivable
    • reviewing credit policies
    • optimizing collection processes
  • managing accounts payable:
    • analyzing the structure and dynamics of accounts-payable
    • managing accounts payable to suppliers
    • managing accounts payable to staff



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