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Financial restructuring and bankruptcy

The financial and economic crisis of 2008 has left no company unaffected both in Russia and around the world.

For companies, economic crisis leads to a poor financial position and a decline in key performance indicators such as solvency, profitability and turnover. To cope with crisis, they need to stabilize their situation and develop a strategy to move forward.

In the case of bankruptcy we can protect the interests of creditors and shareholders and return at least a part of their invested funds. Rather than focusing on liquidating assets in the event of bankruptcy, we help companies prepare for, and cope with, serious financial crises in a way that satisfies their creditors, shareholders, management and employees.

Our crisis management and recovery services include:

  • sophisticated diagnosis of the companys problems and the reasons why they arose
  • analysis of current market position
  • developing new variants of the companys business strategy
  • devising recommendations for reorganization
  • planning activities for optimizing real-estate assets such as property complexes
  • devising a range of measures to cope with economic and financial problems, such as:
    • searching out new opportunities to reduce costs
    • debt-restructuring programs
    • programs for returning to solvency
    • recapitalization programs
  • creating a plan to update basic business processes.



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