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Appraisal of property

Since its foundation, BFEL has completed hundreds of independent property appraisal projects. We have participated in the evaluation of depots, fields and refineries, major engineering complexes and ports, steamship companies, modern foodstuff factories, agricultural land and transport parks.

Independent appraisal plays a key role in transactions of the following types:

Leasing of buildings, equipment or transport vehicles assessment of market and liquidation price to secure borrower liabilities

BEFL aims to estimate the market price of pledges that can help small and medium-sized businesses arrange credit facilities. Regardless of the size of a Clients business, reports on property appraisal are drafted in accordance with the requirements of Federal Standards, International Appraisal Standards and bank requirements. Our Company is accredited by most leading banks of the Russian Federation and their representative offices and branches.

Purchase and sale of buildings, land or equipment establishing a market valuation for senior managers and shareholders to enable them to make investment decisions

Appraisal is essential to enable the correct calculation of taxes and reduce the risks of investigation of the transaction by state creditors.

Payment of charter capital appraising the market price of property for paying shares by non-monetary means

When charter capital is paid via non-monetary means, the property requires independent appraisal to protect the interests of creditors. This appraisal is critical for the correct estimation of the value of shares in a joint business.

Attracting state and private investments estimating the market and/or investment value of property to secure liabilities to repay investments

An estimation of the current market value of a property and the extent of investment risk forms the basis for managerial investment decisions.

Re-evaluation of fixed assets means estimating the replacement cost of property, so that financial statements can be prepared on the basis of the market value

The cost of borrowing is one of the crucial factors affecting the financial health of a company. Re-evaluation should cover the cost of fixed assets, intangible assets, plant and equipment, as well as the accumulated depreciation of fixed and intangible assets. At present, re-evaluation is voluntary in the Russian Federation, but when a company switches to international standards in its financial statements re-evaluation becomes compulsory.

Transfer of accounting statements system to IFRS gauging the fair value of various types of property for preparing consolidated and/or separate financial statements of the company in accordance with IFRS

IFRS procedures require the valuation of property by its fair value. BEFL specialists implement appraisal using the methods and techniques of the worlds leading consulting companies, along with the methods used within the Clients company, according to IFRS and ISA.

Recognition and appraisal of goodwill in M&A estimating the fair value of identified assets and liabilities in accordance with IFRS

Mergers and acquisitions are becoming an essential instrument in the distribution of resources and realization of business strategies in the world economy. Mergers, acquisitions, connecting structural branches and joint companies are essential elements of corporate management. The main objective of mergers and acquisitions is the synergistic effect of combining the capital structures of two or more businesses.

The key aim of this process is to analyze the cost of the transaction based on a thorough examination of the acquisition targets business-unit structure and financial structure. Our appraisers can assess the market, investments, liquidation, costs of land, buildings, premises, machines, equipment, complex industrial complexes, transport vehicles and particular items.

The results of our findings are all presented in an Appraisal Report prepared in compliance with the Federal Law On appraisal activity in the Russian Federation, Federal Appraisal Standards and International Appraisal Standards. It presents all the relevant information on appraisal procedures and the final cost of property.

Our reports are relied upon by major Russian and international audit and legal companies, financial institutions and state bodies.

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