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Financial statements, accounting and control

Capital markets, regulators and the general public are making increasingly tough demands on companies financial statements. Tax authorities are tightening up their control, and shareholders and board members are looking for prompt and reliable financial statements to support their decisions.

Our services in this area will be most useful when:

  • a new business is being established
  • accounting departments are not working efficiently, tax planning is poor and the business is sustaining financial loss as a result
  • issues relating to establishing accounting business processes and control are taking valuable senior management time away from core business activities
  • business processes need to be arranged so as to make better use of resources and prevent fraud.

Our main services in the area of improved accounting efficiency are express analysis of accounting businesses processes, establishing accounting, management accounting and tax accounting and accounting automation (covered in the sections below).

Express analysis of accounting business processes

Senior managers and business owners must have independent, reliable information on the current state of accounting business processes so they can make informed decisions on how they should be revised. Our express analysis covers:

  • establishing and maintaining accounting methodologies
  • formalization, description and coordination of employees use of accounting systems in areas such as logistics, production and management
  • efficiency of document-flow systems
  • structure of accounting services, including the efficiency of delegating authorities, duties of employees and the fit between the qualitative or quantitative characteristics of the accounting departments structure and processes and the objectives it aims to achieve
  • establishing computer-based management accounting and accounting systems
  • internal control systems and risk management processes.

Normalization of accounting business processes and document flows (including drafting recommendations on their optimization)

Improving account processes is only possible following a detailed analysis of how they currently stand in relation to the scale of the business, legal requirements, management demands and the analytical information currently being provided. We can offer detailed recommendations on what needs to change, and prepare detailed guidelines for your staff.

Establishing accounting, management accounting and tax accounting

Choosing the right systems for tax and accounting is essential when establishing a new company, and is often the remedy for problems with inefficient financial services in a firm that has been operating for some time. Our services in this area focus on working out a business model, specifying cost centers and establishing the relationships between them (often communicated via a pictorial diagram).

Accounting automation

Based on your individual demands and requirements, we will research the products available from the IT market, establish criteria for choosing one and arrange training for your staff. We can represent you in dealings with IT programmers and implementation consultants, and we also manage projects to implement computer-based accounting systems.



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