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Solutions for Agricultural Business

Over the recent years, agricultural sector has been an area of growing interest to businesses, governments, international organizations. Global processes require an adequate response from the industry to increase the production of food, to improve products delivery to consumers, and to apply advanced technologies for enhanced yield and reduced costs.

With over 120 million ha of arable land and plentiful water resources, Russia occupies a central place on the world map of food producers. But the Russian agribusiness is still far from claiming the position of the main player: there are serious unresolved issues that hamper the significant resource potential.

The outdated agricultural technologies, machinery and equipment in the industry are not a single problem. Issues on land relations have yet to be resolved; land boundaries are but vaguely defined; much of the land has no proper legal registration, and hence no owner; control system in most agricultural companies needs serious improvement; quality financial management is highly required; urgent and harsh control procedures need to be implemented to prevent theft and negligence on the part of staff. And to crown it all - the industry is short of capital that could accelerate the positive trends of improving efficiency along the way from the field to the counter.

Our Company offers a range of financial and legal solutions for the companies operating in the agricultural sector. The information is available in our booklet Solutions for agricultural business.

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