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Solutions for individuals

If you are…

  • a private investor or business owner
  • a holder of shares or investment funds
  • an owner of real estate, cars, boats or works of art
  • a senior manager
  • a notary public, lawyer/advocate, doctor or other professional
  • a successful entrepreneur

… then BEFL’s professional, specialist advisers can offer you:

  • maintenance of tax records and incomes declarations
  • personal financial planning
  • support in transactions, whether relating to:
    • purchase and sale of land, homes, premises, parts of premises, vehicles, boats and other expensive items
    • mortgages
    • advice on investing surplus cash
  • legal consultancy
  • inheritance planning.

Our specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in the provision of financial and legal services to high net worth individuals. We not only provide high levels of confidentiality, but also devise individual approaches for each Client. Our advice on a wide range of issues helps you establish an efficient system of accounting and planning, reducing the legal risks of loss of capital.

Maintenance of tax records and declarations of income

Our high-quality tax-records service can help you whether you are the owner of business and capital, carry out a business activity or are involved in private practice. Our modern system of computerized document flow ensures that we are always available to help you regardless of your location. Whether you are constantly travelling, live far away or rely on remote working, you can be confident that all documents relating to your income and expenses will be collected, checked and registered as appropriate to your accounting system, and that your employees’ pay will be calculated to ensure that all appropriate taxes are paid.

You can rest assured that we exercise great caution in our income declaration procedures. Our in-depth knowledge of tax coding and terms of international agreements means we can accurately make all necessary calculations for declaring your income and act as your representatives with tax authorities too.

Personal financial planning

We offer you highly qualified, independent and objective advice that takes into consideration your personal priorities, investment preferences and long-term aims. We put your interests first, at every step of the way. The advice we offer is easy to understand, and easy to put into practice too.

Our professional advice also covers qualitative planning in the sphere of tax and finances, which is important at any stage of life. This can include planning the education of your children, capital accumulation or ways to ensure a comfortable future lifestyle for you and your family.

Our financial planning is based on a very simple approach: we aim to do for our Clients what they would do for themselves if they had sufficient time, skills, knowledge and resources.

Supporting transactions and legal consultations

Out team of lawyers has wide-ranging experience in organizing, managing and supporting transactions relating to housing, yachts, luxury cars and other high-value goods. Our in-depth knowledge and skills mean our highly qualified specialists can provide a wide range of expert legal services, including:

  • expertise in verification of rights, which is essential when you are a purchaser
  • structuring your transactions in order to protect your interests; providing feedback on risks and how to manage them
  • help in projects relating to building or remodeling of houses. Our highly qualified lawyers have many years’ experience in tax and land legislation, urban planning legislation and related areas, and can provide expert legal support in all other aspects of construction activity
  • professional assistance with establishing legal relationships with utilities suppliers
  • formalizing your relationship with your employees to ensure the arrangement is efficient and profitable
  • ongoing, reliable legal support to help you in all your investments.

Our remit is not restricted to solving standard tasks; our aim is to help you achieve every one of your personal financial goals.

Assistance in inheritance planning

Our independent and objective assistance makes sure your inheritance planning genuinely meets your needs, taking into account all aspects of inheritance and tax law. We have a solid reputation for in-depth legal and financial knowledge, high ethical standards and maintenance of strict confidentiality of information entrusted to us. As a result, we have been invited to provide our services to a large number of wealthy individuals over the years, tasked not only with reducing risk to their capital but also with ensuring the sound and effective forward planning of their finances.

Our professional principles

We will clearly explain the services to be provided to you, the communications process, and the terms of payment for our services.

We will define your personal and financial objectives, taking into account any temporary restrictions, and will use reliable methods to estimate any potential risks.

We will put forward plans and recommendations based on the information provided by you to take into account your goals and objectives.

Each recommendation will be considered separately and you will be invited to comment on this.

We will coordinate the method of implementing and achieving the goals of our recommendations.

We will create a program to assess your progress in achieving goals set, changing your plans or adjusting our recommendations as necessary.

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