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Agricultural land

An important aspect of efficient development of agribusiness is the right to purchase plots of agricultural land. Procedures relating to agricultural land transactions remain complex, even though the Land Code of the Russian Federation and the Federal Law On transfer of agricultural land have been amended several times.

In order to take the right approach, purchasers needs to tap into wide-ranging knowledge and experience of variations in agricultural land transfers, the status of potential land-rights purchasers, the regions where the land is located and the many different requirements for registering documents.

BEFL specialists have impressive experience in organizing, managing and supporting the purchase of rights to agricultural land. Our practical legal experience in agricultural land transactions makes us one of the major players in this field in Russia.

Verification of rights

It is essential for agribusiness owners and potential investors to seek legal advice, including a risk identification and assessment, when considering the sale or purchase of rights to agricultural land plots. Such legal advice will have a bearing on the parties reaching agreement on a fair price for the transaction.

Our specialists experience and legal expertise in rights verification enables them to identify any risks relating to restrictions on or loss of rights to agricultural land plots.

Supporting transactions

To reduce the risk of disputes relating to land rights, the transaction processes of potential purchasers of agricultural land needs to be well structured, thoroughly planned and legally supported at each stage.

The most complex, time- and labor-intensive transactions include those aimed at purchasing rights to agricultural land plots that are in shared ownership (Pai). When purchasing Pai land, buyers must ensure they carefully select the appropriate procedure for registering rights, and also implement accounting and payments systems that meet the needs of the individuals concerned and the tax authorities too.

To avoid risk when making and executing land transactions, potential purchasers must be aware in advance of the various steps to be taken, their timings and the documentation required.

Experience has shown that where there is no such forward planning or control over the transaction process and document flow, the results are delay and the provision of inaccurate information to business owners and investors on the process and its results.

To avoid such problems, BEFL specialists can provide you with the best options for structuring and planning transactions and projects to purchase rights to plots of land, drafting the necessary documents and ensuring control over execution.

Agricultural land plot databases

To ensure the efficient management of agricultural land purchases, and to optimize the management of assets purchased following completion of such projects, business owners and managers will require information on the characteristics of land purchased, the registered rights to these assets and constituent documents proving rights to them.

Our company has considerable experience in creating databases listing and classifying the characteristics of plots of land, including information on the history of purchasing rights, restrictions, and property charges. The information held in such land databases is essential for audit, as well as for attracting investment or bank financing. While land is controlled and used for agricultural production, reliable information on this land should be submitted to senior managers, shareholders and creditors in a timely manner.




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