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Appraisal of business

The price of a company reflects a range of factors: its development in the past, its future strategy, the business environment and the competitive situation in its market sector, as well as the risks that it is facing and the probability that it can realize its strategic vision.

A thorough business appraisal provides insight into all these areas, as well as the objective value of shares in the company, capital invested in it and any property (real estate) that it owns.

Drawing on extensive experience in both capital markets generally and a large number of specific businesses, we can estimate the value of businesses for purposes including:

  • executing M&A transactions
  • dividing or separating businesses
  • managing the exit of key partners
  • restructuring (liquidation, merging, absorption, separation etc)
  • understanding the current position regarding ownership, and analyzing possible future scenarios (taking strategy into account)
  • assessing the current management’s activities
  • exploring the reasoning behind a potential decision to invest
  • fulfilling legal requirements when placing securities, making transactions and redeeming or purchasing shares
  • helping creditors understand the options for executing their liabilities, including the possibility of invested funds being reimbursed.

Our world-class appraisal methods and procedures are based on the financial calculations and analytics used by leading information agencies in Russia and around the globe. Our appraisal reports are used by the federal authorities (including the Federal Service for Financial Markets), local administrations, major banks and financial institutions in Russia and the CIS countries. Both private investors and representatives of major firms trust us to negotiate a competitive advantage in every area: price, investment terms and increasing the investment appeal of a business.



Evgeniy Istratov
Head of Practice, Valuation, MRICS
Tel.: +7 (4862) 422-224
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