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Payroll and personnel records maintenance
Keeping records on payroll and personnel up-to-date and compliant with labor and tax law is a key responsibility for every employer. Payroll may seem an easy task at first sight, but managers who take it on soon realize how onerous and time-consuming it can be.

We offer high-quality, professional services for maintaining your personnel and payroll records, freeing up management and administrative time for key business functions and enhancing your competitive advantage.

Treasury function
Our Treasury service involves us taking on the role of ‘payment settlement center’ for your business. In this capacity, we will:

  • Arrange co-operation with banks to minimize expenses and maximize profit
  • Reduce the time you spend making payments or receiving the latest updates to your accounts and cash flow
  • Ensure that payment documents are completed correctly, and manage the receipt of funds by the payee.

Reconstruction of financial accounts
This procedure is necessary when accounting and/or tax accounting records have not been maintained (or have been maintained with errors) for some time.



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