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An audit does much more than confirm the accuracy of financial statements. It can also improve a firm’s efficiency, build trust with Clients, creditors and shareholders, and help address management issues. In times of financial turmoil, when trust is at a low ebb, audit is a vital tool for establishing credibility and demonstrating financial rigor.

Counterpart audits are increasingly demanded by firms in developed countries, and most Russian banks and investors also view audit reports as an essential element of financial statements. To support the global integration of the Russian economy, Russian law now stipulates that audits are obligatory in many situations.

We offer audit services in accordance with Russian Accounting Standards, IFRS, International Audit Standards, Russian Federal Audit Rules (Standards) and the standards of the Institute of Professional Auditors of Russia. We hold all the necessary audit permits.

Our service is based on both established best practice in audit and our own longstanding experience. We are familiar with the specific issues of audits in industries such as engineering, agribusiness, packaging production, foodstuffs, construction, metallurgy, commerce and real-estate management.

When carrying out an audit, we take all external users’ interests into account, aiming to keep them informed on potential abuses and risks. An audit report on the accuracy of financial statements we have provided testifies to the openness and transparency of your firm.

Using the latest audit technologies, we can offer the following services:

  • special-assignment audits (confirming that set requirements have been followed, auditing specific indices within financial statements, auditing the use of budget funds and so on)
  • reviewing the engagement of the financial statements
  • assessing internal control systems.

To help you prepare qualitative financial statements, we can offer:

  • consultancy on preparing financial statements
  • help with improving the efficiency of internal control and accounting systems
  • staff training.

Working with us offers benefits including:

  • independent, objective audits
  • full understanding of the specifics of your business
  • professional, expert staff
  • total confidentiality and guaranteed non-disclosure of data used to prepare our audits
  • optimal task planning by experienced managers and partners in charge of focused, specialist teams
  • Client-oriented approach.



Vladislav Novoselov
Managing Partner
Tel.: + 7 (495) 649-8155
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Lyudmila Nikitina
Audit & Finance Services Partner
Tel.: +7 (4862) 422-224
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