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Economic disputes

Our Company has broad experience in settling business disputes, including cases involving foreign companies or individuals. As a result we know how to act effectively to settle issues with minimum expenses for our Clients, whether at pretrial settlement or any other stage of arbitration.

Our understanding of every area of business management has been acquired through long-term relationships with Clients, and guarantees that we can propose the best method of settling a problem.

Pretrial settlement

At least one in five economic disputes can be efficiently resolved through a pretrial settlement. Our services in this area include:

  • objective appraisal of the situation at an early stage of the conflict/dispute
  • a forecast of possible methods of dispute development
  • design of a program of activities to settle a dispute
  • support in negotiations
  • drafting the necessary documents to mediate agreement.


Although litigation/arbitration is an efficient way to settle disputes, it is important to recognize that, without appropriate legal support, it can be expensive. Moreover, there is no guarantee of success.

We can assist you in disputes based on:

  • civil and legal relationships (e.g. claims that transactions are invalid; consequences of invalidity of transaction; recovery of indebtedness under agreement; reimbursement of expenses)
  • defense of owners rights violations (such as recovery of property from unlawful possession by other persons; elimination of obstacles to use of property)
  • disputes based on administrative and legal relationships (e.g. claims of failure to respect legislation, claims against decisions or activities of state bodies, local authorities, or other bodies, including court bailiffs), including claims for failure to act or ineffective actions in the following spheres:
    • construction and real estate
    • leases
    • land relationships
    • antimonopoly legislation
    • corporate disputes
    • securities
    • insurance
    • transportation
    • intellectual property.

Executing decisions

The objective of a trial is achieved and the plaintiffs interests defended only after the judicial act is executed. To take advantage of this, debtors often hide their assets or transfer them to third parties. For this reason, our specialists initiate preparations for decision-making prior to turning to the court of arbitration, which is the first stage of jurisdiction. Collecting information about the financial condition of the debtor, and the property they own, enables our Clients to prevent the debtor from concealing his assets to avoid debt repayment.

We also cooperate closely with the bailiff service, whose role is essential in recovery of assets.



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