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In many economies, the 2008 downturn has led to a breakdown in firms’ long-standing relationships with investors and creditors. As a result, many market sectors have seen a decline in operational activity. This in turn has pushed some companies into liquidity crises, having failed to raise the funds they need.

We provide fundraising assistance for all independent investment projects, including those implemented within national projects, with state business support or as part of complex business development programmes.

We will help you choose the right type of financing and identify potential sources of funds, such as:

  • bank lending (short-term lending and investment-project financing)
  • leasing
  • issuing your own bonds
  • issuing additional shares
  • restructuring assets.

Having defined the financing scheme, we will also provide expert professional support for all stages of the fundraising process, helping you:

  • identify potential investors/creditors
  • prepare a financial (investment) memorandum
  • define the investment strategy
  • prepare loan applications(s) according to bank requirements
  • create a list of mortgaged property and assess its hypothecation value
  • organize and conduct meetings with potential investors
  • coordinate and monitor the work of your own specialists and the potential investor’s staff.

By drawing on the full breadth of our knowledge and experience, we will achieve financing that fully supports the development of your business.



Vladislav Novoselov
Managing Partner
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