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Business transactions

The different transactions involved in your day-to-day business operations make it important that:

  • the essence of agreements reached must not be lost or distorted when drafting contracts
  • all terms agreed are provided for
  • all rights are reliably protected
  • you recognize and understand all the consequences of the transaction, whether legal, financial, tax or administrative
  • the terms of the transaction have been executed in accordance with the agreement reached by the parties.

The knowledge and experience gained by our in-house specialists enables them to provide you with a wide range of legal services designed to support your transactions at a highly professional level, including:

  • drafting different types of agreements, contracts and other legal documents
  • identifying efficient means of settling liabilities
  • ensuring legal analysis of agreements, contracts and other legal documents offered by counterparties
  • assessing the legal risks of a transaction, including drafting legal opinion on the transaction
  • legal support of pre-contractual activities, including participation in negotiations with counterparties
  • controlling the appropriate execution of transactions
  • legal services on regulating disputes when making, executing, amending and canceling an agreement.

Foreign trade transactions: a special category

Foreign trade transactions are by their nature special. One of the parties is a foreign company, which means the 'rules of the game’ are established in accordance with international law, and your success will be determined by how well you understand and apply those rules.

When planning a foreign trade transaction you will need to take into account the requirements of customs and foreign currency legislation. Provided you are aware of the details of current customs requirements, goods classification, customs cost, foreign currency transaction terms and other requirements of state regulation of foreign trade transactions, you will be able to make optimal decisions in your foreign trade transactions.

We can offer you the services of a highly qualified legal team to prepare and take part in negotiations on foreign trade transactions. We can draft legal opinions, determine transaction structure, draft agreements and contracts and ensure control of the parties’ execution of their obligations.

Our specialists have significant experience in organizing, managing and supporting different types of foreign trade transactions, including representing and protecting the interests of Clients in their relationships with various authorities (customs, foreign currency-controlling authorities etc).



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