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Corporate law

We have been practicing corporate law since 2000. Over that period, we have helped establish hundreds of companies across Russia, as well as structuring major groups, creating holding companies and registering share and bond issues. We have also helped many Clients solve corporate disputes to their advantage. Corporate audits carried out by our lawyers help improve the efficiency of corporate management and internal document flow.

Whether you need to establish a company, create a holding or group, establish a corporate management system, issue securities or comply with regulatory requirements, BEFL can help you.

Establishing and reorganizing companies and their legal structure

We can help you with every aspect of creating and reorganizing corporate bodies:

  • establishing a new business, including state registration
  • expanding your representation in new regions or market sectors by establishing branches or representative offices
  • introducing corporate changes such as business restructuring
  • establishing or reorganizing groups of companies, or changing their constituents
  • uniting separate capital structures.

We can provide consultancy on selecting the right legal form for your business, choosing a location, structuring and appointing management teams and forms of payment for charter capital, based on issues such as:

  • your aims in establishing the company, and its core business
  • the different types of business operating in your chosen industry
  • your capital structure and plans for attracting investment
  • the terms of any agreements between partners
  • your business development plan
  • financial business indices
  • tax liabilities.

We can also analyze the legal structure of your business based on your plans for development, financial setup and tax situation, before advising you on the optimum legal structure for groups of companies and holding companies and helping you comply with all the relevant regulations.


We can provide expertise in securities transactions, meeting the requirements of the Federal Financial Markets Service of the Russian Federation. Our services include:

  • legal consulting on optimum financing methods
  • drafting documents on financing transactions
  • drafting documents on interim financing
  • planning and legal support for investment in public and private shares and bonds, including non-standard issues
  • preparing and supporting share and debt security purchase transactions
  • consultation on right to transfer to securities
  • consulting to assist you in meeting the requirements of the Federal Financial Markets Service of Russia relating to the disclosure of information on company activities.

Our experience has involved representing the interests not only of issuers but also of investors in attracting financing through the issue of securities.

The wide geographical spread of projects undertaken has given us substantial experience of working with the Federal Financial Markets Service of Russia through a number of its regional branches.

Corporate management

Corporate management procedures are increasingly closely regulated by the constantly updated legislation of the Russian Federation. Business owners use a substantial number of tools to help them achieve efficient management and control. Such tools also aim to increase efficiency when addressing the complexity of corporate procedures and exploring any legal weaknesses.

Attention to detail is essential to avoid the consequences of any violation of processing or timing stipulations. Even an insignificant violation can lead to a fine; a worst-case scenario might even entail loss of control of the company.

BEFLs extensive research into current Russian legislation aims to highlight any risks involved in carrying out corporate procedures. We will help you optimize the execution of these procedures and provide you with legal assistance across the whole range of corporate management issues, including planning long-term changes and ensuring support for key decisions.

Corporate audit

Modern business standards demand transparency and integrity in corporate management procedures and key decision-making. For shareholders and senior management, analyzing corporate risk demands full awareness of the requirements for correct and timely implementation of corporate procedures. At the same time, it is essential for the company to have a policy to minimize risk.

BEFLs reputation in the field of corporate audit is built on the highest standards. We can help your company by conducting an audit into the integrity and appropriateness of your corporate procedures and by drafting recommendations on their optimization. In addition to these standard procedures, we can also confirm the quality and comprehensiveness of your companys/groups corporate archive.



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