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Tax consultation

The Russian tax system has much in common with those of other developed countries, but there are significant points of difference too. Moreover, tax rules and regulations evolve constantly, obliging many taxpayers to spend precious time resolving issues with the tax authorities.

Our expert consultants offer expertise in every area of tax. They can protect taxpayers interests across a range of complex, in-depth tax issues, including those relating to specific industries or the development strategies of individual firms. Our specific services are detailed in the following sections.

Tax consultation on structuring a business

Tax plays a key role when structuring a business. It is essential to analyze the benefits of different tax systems and choose the right one, while taking into account local peculiarities, tax treaties and foreign tax regulations. Tax regimes in specific industries are also key, and we can offer industry-specific expertise in agribusiness, food production, engineering, metallurgy, construction, transport and commerce.

Advice on tax law and different types of tax (VAT, corporate tax, property tax, unified social tax etc)

We can offer detailed and reliable advice on the calculation and payment of tax as well as the preparation of tax returns.

Our consultations include not only the formal content of documents provided, but also full details of the tasks we carry out and the business case for using our services.

Consultations on tax and customs payments for import and export of commodities

We can help you choose the best way to purchase assets to minimize your tax liability.

Taxation advice for representative offices of foreign companies

The tax regulations relating to foreign companies operating in Russia have a number of peculiarities. Firms must combine the payment of taxes in their country of incorporation (home country) with the payment of tax in the Russian Federation.

We will help you understand the tax implications of choosing different forms of business in Russia, including foreign companies operating with or without representative offices.

Consultations on profit payments to foreign companies and foreign individuals

We will help you clarify the status of taxpayers and tax agents and make recommendations on calculating the tax basis and taxes when paying dividends, interest and royalties taking into account the terms of the RF Tax Code and all relevant international treaties.

Analysis of the activities/operations of a taxpayer for correspondence with tax laws

Our independent consultants will collaborate with your financial department to ensure your firm is regarded as an honest taxpayer by the authorities, while at the same time minimizing your tax burden as much as possible.

Protecting the interests of taxpayers during tax inspections

In the event of a tax investigation, we can support you in a number of ways:

  • establish the legitimacy of conducting a tax inspection of your business and the activities of tax employees
  • act as your legal representatives, if necessary
  • analyze the inspection act for inspectors' conclusions to ensure compliance with tax legislation
  • define issues subject to dispute
  • prepare a well-reasoned case supporting the legitimacy of your business activities
  • establish a probative basis to demonstrate the legitimacy of your activities
  • collect all the necessary documents
  • draft a written objection to being inspected
  • perform any other activities essential for your protection.

Participation in disputes with tax authorities

We have wide-ranging experience in representing the interests of taxpayers in disputes. We can draft a motivated objection to the Tax Audit Report, a claim against the decision, assist in considering objections and claims to the tax authorities and represent the interests of taxpayers in court.

High net worth individuals can take advantage of our advice on compliance with the law on tax assessment (personal income tax, property tax and land tax).

We will assist in analyzing profit and loss, applying property, social and professional tax deductions, offer guidance on how to register documents correctly and prepare tax returns.

When supporting Clients in tax disputes, we typically form a project team comprising both tax lawyers and financial specialists/auditors the only way to handle such assignments effectively.



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